Transforming Our Agricultural Future

About Us: In agriculture, like every business or organization, knowledge is power, and it is the difference between success and failure. Imagine being able to know what’s happening with weather and agriculture across the planet not just in an area or region, but with pinpoint precision down to a farmer’s field.

We call this agricultural intelligence.

aWhere delivers agricultural intelligence into the hands of farmers, commercial growers, and policymakers everywhere, from decision-making on a single field to informing national policy and corporate objectives. Our ag software captures over a billion points of data every day to create unprecedented visibility and insight anywhere on the planet, from California’s Central Valley to smallholder farms in Ghana. We also equip organizations to integrate their own data into a predictive analytics platform to gain, share and collaborate on game-changing insights on a global scale.

aWhere’s ag software is transforming our agricultural future by providing a level of visibility and insight that has never existed before.

Our Mission: aWhere closes the information gap in agriculture and global development through innovative, timely, and locally relevant solutions. We foster sustainable economic growth and human development by connecting people with actionable information from farmers to corporate and national policy makers.

Our History: aWhere has been a viable and growing corporation since its founding in 1999. The management team hails from major technology corporations such as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and Dunn & Bradstreet as well as agricultural research, including CGIAR and Syngenta. aWhere is staffed by knowledgeable professionals with backgrounds in agriculture, technology, international aid and development.

aWhere became a Certified B Corporation in 2014, solidifying its position as a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible company committed to accountability and transparency.

Our Values:

We value our people and seek to foster an enriching workplace and culture which encourages continued learning to support rewarding careers for our employees and the best outcomes for our clients.

We demonstrate excellence and professionalism in all that we do and strive to deliver the best possible results for our clients and partners.

The work we do has a lasting and positive impact on people’s lives. Integrity We are committed to a workplace culture that promotes courtesy, respect for diversity and the highest ethical behavior and corporate integrity.

We inspire creative problem solving to break new ground across our organization thereby creating uniquely valuable solutions for our markets and customers.

We bring quantifiable value to our customers as a profitable company supporting motivated and effective teams that provide real and lasting value to the world.


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aWhere was founded in 1999 with the mission of stimulating sustainable economic growth and human development by providing actionable information to farmers around the world.

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