aWhere™ to Provide Agricultural Intelligence Data to SageInsight’s MyAgCentral

Oct 22, 2015

BROOMFIELD, Colorado – aWhere will now provide agricultural weather data and agronomic modeling services to MyAgCentral, a cloud based data management platform based on DN2K’s core platform technology.  aWhere is working with DN2K to provide advanced agricultural intelligence to SageInsight’s MyAgCentral customers, including crop consultants, ag retailers and growers for more informed decision making.

As a key contributor of meaningful agricultural big data, aWhere provides high resolution weather data and agronomic modeling services to solutions such as MyAgCentral, a feature rich SaaS solution that manages day-to-day operations for ag retailers, service providers and enterprise growers within a single, visually robust interface.

“aWhere provides high-quality dependable data, which is critical for agricultural decisions and risk management,” said Susan Lambert, CEO of SageInsights, “especially when our customers have their livelihoods on the line due to weather variability and crop health” she added.

Farmers need Agricultural Intelligence

aWhere provides agronomic decision support to farmers through software developed by their customers such as SageInsights. “We call this weather and agronomic data combined Agricultural Intelligence,” said John Corbett, CEO of aWhere, “farmers don’t need more data, they need smart data delivered to them in an understandable format enabling them to make the best in-field decisions for their farming practices.” In this non-exclusive agreement, aWhere data is utilized by the MyAgCentral application to provide greater agricultural intelligence for critical planting, crop management and harvesting decisions.

About SageInsights

SageInsights, a joint venture between John Deere and DN2K, was formed to serve the agriculture industry by further developing DN2K’s existing cloud software platform. DN2K, Data Into Knowledge, develops software to remotely monitor, display and manage important assets. The data management platform for agriculture, MyAgCentral, is designed to provide business management and agronomic insights to ag retailers, service providers and others who provide consulting services to growers. The platform takes large amounts of data from sources throughout the agriculture ecosystem and turns the data into highly visual information accessible from laptops, smart phones and tablets that can be shared with others in real-time. MyAgCentral streamlines collaboration, workflow and operations of multiple growers within a single interface for ag advisors. 

Media Contacts: Morag Greenberg
Jennifer McAleer