aWhere, Inc. and ScoutPro Partner to Improve Crop Scouting Applications with the Addition of Localized Weather Information

Feb 16, 2014

Corn and soybean growers and consultants gain greater insight into pest and disease outbreaks through ScoutPro’s applications, which now include access to localized weather information. ScoutPro’s mobile applications provide accurate and time saving tools to scout for weeds, insects, and diseases.

“The incorporation of aWhere’s weather data and alerts into ScoutPro’s applications will provide our users with greater insight into pest and disease outbreaks,” says ScoutPro President Michael Koenig. Michael explains that growers are beginning to farm larger areas across counties or even states, and having accessible weather data in one place will help them save time, energy, and enable evidence-based planning to control pests and diseases.

The first stage of the partnership will incorporate aWhere’s high resolution weather data into ScoutPro’s applications, providing users with hyper-localized daily updates and an 8 day weather forecast for temperature, humidity, wind speed, solar radiation, and growing degree days. The second stage will incorporate aWhere’s bioclimatic models, which will deliver pest and disease alerts based on weather conditions conducive for specific outbreaks.

In addition to daily updates, forecasts, and alerts, users will find value in the ability to store and access historical weather data and pest trends.

“Weather and pest data from pasts years will be tagged to ScoutPro’s scouting reports,” explains Michael. “Access to historical data will provide growers with information on area-specific conditions; this knowledge can inform future decision making, reduce risk, and increase yields.”

The new weather data will be available to approximately 500-700 users of ScoutPro’s corn and soybean applications.

“We’re pleased to see aWhere’s weather data get into the hands of farmers through ScoutPro’s technology,” says aWhere CEO Dr. John Corbett. “Weather information with daily pest and disease alerts will improve accuracy in crop scouting, giving farmers and crop consultant’s immediate insight into field conditions and conditions conducive for intervention.”

ScoutPro’s applications are available on iPhones, iPads, and Android tablets to help save time and money for corn and soybean growers and consultants.