aWhere 2.0 Coming Early 2014

Dec 22, 2013

aWhere, Inc. announces the release of aWhere 2.0 in early 2014. aWhere’s Location Intelligence Platform brings simplicity to complex data, provides comprehensive data management, and improves any global development organization’s ability to make evidence-based decisions based on accessible, localized, real-time data.

The Platform’s intuitive design encourages users to visualize and analyze data; share and collaborate with others; monitor real-time data from the field; and combine data from multiple sources, including aWhere’s own hyper-local weather content.

The new design and user-friendly tools are engineered specifically for climate-smart agriculture and public health initiatives.

“We’ve designed the Platform to recognize and manage agriculture and public health attributes,” says aWhere’s SVP of Product Development, Jim Pollock, “when uploading data, the Platform quickly identifies these attributes to save the user time, improve data quality, and efficiently handle and categorize data.”

Improved features include an express data loader, where users can easily upload their own data, a customizable viewer which allows for multiple visualizations of data, and a data library, which houses each user’s own data plus openly sourced data sets from other organizations.

aWhere will provide more information about the 2.0 release in early January, 2014.