aWhere CEO travels to Kenya for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation supported Hybrid Rice: Breeding by Design project

Jul 21, 2013

aWhere CEO, Dr. John Corbett, traveled to Kenya to meet with key partners interested in hybrid rice and specifically the 2-line system. Partners included representatives from the Kenyan and Tanzanian ministries of agriculture, as well as multiple private companies, international research organizations and the coordinating partner, AATF (African Agricultural Technology Foundation). The meeting centered on the 2-line hybrid rice system and the necessary environmental risk assessment data and tools provided by aWhere.

Dr. Corbett also met with several scientists from the World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF) as well as the ICRAF Director General, Dr. Tony Simons. There is growing interest in the utilization of aWhere’s location intelligence platform for M&E automation, real-time collaboration and secure data management, as well as the detailed, localized weather data.