aWhere COO, Dave Lundberg, talks 'Big Data'

Oct 03, 2012

by Randy Jeske

On October 2, aWhere participated in EMC's "The Human Face of Big Data" launch, which held events in Singapore, London, New York and San Francisco. EMC announced this endeavor as “a globally crowd-sourced media project focusing on humanity’s new ability to collect, analyze, triangulate and visualize vast amounts of data in real time”. aWhere COO, Dave Lundberg, was invited to give a live presentation at the London event, sharing aWhere's story on our use of ‘big data’ for global development initiatives.

Dave shared, “Big data is being generated at an unbelievable rate, but the ability to create insight from that data remains unreachable for most aid organizations and nations. As aWhere opens the power of this data through location intelligence, these nations will become sustainable sooner. Nations and aid organizations will be able to implement on-the-ground programs with local precision, develop more effective national polices, and, ensure collaboration across the hundreds of aid organizations working in each country”.

In addition to the publicity gained by this event, aWhere will be profiled in Rick Smolan's upcoming book and iPad app, "The Human Face of Big Data”, part of the ‘A Day in the Life of...’ series. While in London at the launch event, Dave was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, the London Times, and Newsweek.

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