aWhere Executives in East Africa for project planning meetings

Sep 09, 2012

by Randy Jeske

With a growing presence in food security and health initiatives in Africa, aWhere has initiated several projects with others on the horizon in East and Southern Africa. In support of those projects, aWhere COO, Dave Lundberg, and President for Vertical Market Development, Jim Pollock traveled the region for three weeks in August. Dave and Jim met with Ministry of Health and Agriculture leaders, as well as leaders of key NGOs in Eastern Africa. Integral to aWhere’s technology platform is access to and integration of quality data; with that in consideration, a key component of these meetings were discussions around each country’s current challenges in managing and sharing data across agricultural, food security, and health initiatives. aWhere’s Project Management Methodology brings expertise and practical knowledge to assist each organization with their data collection, management and curation practices.