aWhere Executives travel to Washington, DC to discuss aWhere’s Platform for Climate-Smart Agriculture

Sep 29, 2013

This week, aWhere executives will travel to DC to engage in discussions about the aWhere Platform as a data management tool, and more specifically, as a tool to support global development organizations who are focused on climate-smart agriculture.

While the implications of climate change on small scale farmers in the developing world are still widely unknown, it is clear that changes in weather will have a dramatic effect on agriculture. The Platform, coupled with the expertise of aWhere staff, is positioned to manage, monitor, and accelerate the success of projects focused on the adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices.

Through the Platform's M&E capabilities, organizations can visualize outcomes in near real time, tracking the impact of climate related initiatives. In addition, the ability to integrate aWhere’s climate and weather data into analyses enables climate-based decision making.

Learn more about the aWhere Platform for climate-smart agriculture: