aWhere Leads Platform Training in Tanzania to Improve AGRA's Grantee M&E Practices

Jul 27, 2014

by Randy Jeske

aWhere Data Analyst, Hannah Reed, spent the first week of July in Arusha, Tanzania at the AGRA Soil Health Program Grantee Workshop. AGRA invited aWhere to lead a training on the platform to build grantees’ data management capacities.

Since 2008, AGRA’s Soil Health Program has funded over 100 projects that aim at scaling out integrated soil fertility management (ISFM) in 13 focal countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The workshop was well attended with over 50 grantees and partner organizations representing eastern and southern Africa – including Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi.

Day one of the workshop included a field trip to the pigeonpea growing area of Babati, Tanzania. Participants trekked 170 km to Babati to experience the impact of improved soil management technologies on the lives of smallholder farmers. Throughout the day, participants heard testimonials from different representatives along the value chain, from seed producers, farmers, and agro-dealers to traders and finance institutions.

arusha1Trainees visit the pigeonpea growing area of Babati to experience firsthand the impact of improved soil management technologies.

The following days were spent sharing experiences from the field and brainstorming best practices. Day 5 was dedicated to data management, where Hannah led 40 grantees, 10 partners, and 12 AGRA staff members through a comprehensive review and training of the aWhere platform.

Hannah first provided a general overview of aWhere and the platform. Next, she launched into a full, hands-on training on how to load data from Excel spreadsheets into the platform, set up analyses in the Viewer, and share results with colleagues and partners. Throughout the workshop it was made clear that issues with data quality and data management are prevalent challenges for many of the participants. They were very excited to learn how aWhere’s robust monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tools can make it easier to track, analyze and share project results in a timely manner.

To quote one of the participants, “I found aWhere very user-friendly; our project will benefit a lot from your experience if we collaborate with you.”

aWhere looks forward to continued partnership with AGRA’s M&E team and grantees to further build their capacity for data management practices.

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