aWhere to Provide Agricultural Intelligence Data to Wilbur-Ellis

Nov 18, 2015

As a premier supplier of meaningful big data for agriculture, aWhere provides high resolution weather data and agronomic modeling services to solutions such as AgVerdict, which combines field specific data and analytics with agronomic insight for strategic decision making. Through AgVerdict, Wilbur-Ellis provides an agricultural solution that manages total farm performance for ag retailers, service providers and enterprise growers within a single, visually robust interface.

“Agricultural intelligence and big-data like that provided by aWhere is becoming more and more important for agricultural decisions and risk management” said Michael Wilbur, VP of Field Technology and Data Services of Wilbur-Ellis. “With aWhere our agricultural retail dealer channel using AgVerdict will have access to best-in-breed weather and agronomic data, giving farmers even more information about their fields from pre-season planting through harvest analysis.”

Farmers need Agricultural Intelligence
aWhere provides weather and agronomic data for timely decision making to farmers through software developed by their clients such as Wilbur-Ellis. “We call this weather and agronomic data combined agricultural intelligence” said John Corbett, CEO of aWhere, “farmers don’t need more data they need better information delivered to them in an understandable format enabling them to make the best in-field decisions for their farming practices.” aWhere data is used by the AgVerdict application to provide greater agricultural intelligence specific to farm management.

About Wilbur-Ellis
Founded in 1921, Wilbur-Ellis is a leading international marketer and distributor of agricultural products, animal feed and specialty chemicals and ingredients. Operating within our Agribusiness Division, AgVerdict is the most comprehensive and intuitive farm production platform in the industry, backed by trusted agronomy and technology experts from Wilbur-Ellis.

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