Dr. John Corbett visits Ghana in support of AGRA's Soil Health Project

Jun 10, 2012

by Randy Jeske

In April 2012, Dr. Corbett traveled to Ghana as part of an on-going consultancy for AGRA’s Soil Health Project. While there, he visited the Soil Science Ph.D. students supported by the Soil Health Project at Kumasi University and he met with University Provost and Professor, Dr. Robert Kwame Nkum. AGRA’s mission is to “trigger a uniquely African Green Revolution that transforms agriculture into a highly productive, efficient, competitive and sustainable system that assures food security and lifts millions out of poverty” (source: AGRA website). In support of that mission, AGRA has engaged aWhere Data Management Services in this consultancy as location is an aspect to the efforts to impact farmer productivity through Integrated Soil Fertility Management. Dr. Corbett observed multiple on-farm demonstrations of a cassava-cowpea rotation. The farmers show a considerable yield increase from the addition of a small amount of P fertilizer, and, along with the nitrogen fixed in the cowpea, production has resulted in significant marketable cassava surplus.

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