Latin America Weather Data: Coming soon to the aWhere Platform

Oct 28, 2013

aWhere is pleased to announce the addition of highly localized weather data for Latin America to the aWhere Platform. These weather data will be freely available and will be included alongside the weather data currently available through the Platform, which includes eastern, western, and southern Africa and South Asia.

Through the Platform, users will have access to 3-5 years of historical, daily observed, and forecasted weather data for Mexico through Panama for the following variables:

  • Precipitation
  • Minimum and Maximum Temperature
  • Minimum and Maximum Relative Humidity
  • Solar Radiation
  • Maximum and Morning Wind Speed
  • Accumulative Growing Degree Days (calculated per user input)

This new geography will become available soon to all current Platform users, and is available to new users through a simple registration process. Register today to gain access to the aWhere Platform’s weather module.