Location Intelligence for Agriculture

About aWhere

500 million farmers worldwide lack access to advanced agricultural technologies. aWhere addresses this challenge by generating climate smart recommendations and alerts for small-scale farmers through aWhere’s Location Intelligence Platform. The Platform also provides a robust data management infrastructure to manage complex agricultural information and enable evidence-based decisions across the value chain.

Processing over a billion new data points every day, the Platform provides a framework to manage and deliver localized information to support the 500 million small-scale farmers facing complex agricultural challenges.

What is Location Intelligence?

Founded in 1999 by Dr. John Corbett and Stewart Collis, aWhere’s roots lie in the deployment of information systems in support of sustainable development. We believe the most effective policy and development strategies require knowledge from all relevant sources.

“aWhere uses the term location intelligence to convey the critical intersection of location and time in agriculture and public health initiatives.  The aWhere Platform combines location based and information technologies, allowing users to visualize their data across location and time, enabling local to global evidence-based decision making. This is location intelligence.”

- aWhere CEO, Dr. John Corbett