Putting the Power of Agronomic data to Work


For the world’s 580 million farmers, the need for actionable information has never been more critical to feed

a growing population of 10 billion by 2050.


 Whether your software or mobile service is serving large precision ag farmers, commercial vegetable growers, small holder farmers,

or food security planners you need actionable information to make the critical decisions faced by agriculture in every season. The

availability of weather and agronomic data influences the entire value chain, from research organizations and private sector 

companies, to promoting new technologies into the hands of the farmer. Emerging farm information and mobile applications are

revolutionizing agriculture, but the software itself does not add sustainable value without the integration of real-time agronomic and

weather data tailored specifically to individual fields.


Likewise, how can policy makers or global development organizations assess agricultural needs, monitor crop status and agricultural

practices, and measure program outcomes with limited government and donor funds?



Better information, better decisions


aWhere provides data and solutions that enable farmers and organizations around the globe with better information to reduce risk and

increase productivity while realizing more value from agricultural assets than ever before.  More than just weather, our Agricultural

Intelligence Platform delivers data that informs decisions for advanced farmers, commercial vegetable growers, small holder farmers,

development professionals or policy makers. Daily, monthly and long-term field-level data available online informs effective operational

planning, supports risk mitigation, and enables outcome monitoring.


Additionally, we offer your application developers access to field-specific data anytime, plus a constantly growing library of content and

agronomic models for analysis. Using our APIs and widgets, software companies can bring to market the tools that both large and small

farming operations need to be more resilient, cope with weather variability and boost productivity.


aWhere Products

“You easily see your data converted into tables, even in the map in different places. It gives you another dimension of analysis of what you are doing.I think aWhere also permits you to compare it easily so it’s all in one database. And of course we want to see what happens in different countries, so it brings those differences to the surface. ”  Dick Commandeur, Senior Technical Advisor, SNV

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