Evaluate market exposure to Ag commodities with our biological production analysis

Going beyond a static, weekly, country-level weather report, a commodity production customer uses predictive analytics available in The Signal to invest or hedge with confidence. With a hyper-local view in their country of interest, they see current crop moisture levels, crop stress and production. They can back this up by comparing current conditions to normal historic conditions for a specific region and time of year. These insights give users an edge to act before others in the market.



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Commodity Production Insight Solution

Understand globally commodity production with Ag insights that are built on crop-specific models that factor in every growing region on the planet. As a subscriber, you'll receive access to these powerful solution components:

  • The Signal
  • Weather Info API
  • Agronomic Info API
  • Insight Services

The Signal
aWhere’s premier predictive analytics tool is The Signal. Available online to subscribers through our Agricultural Intelligence platform, The Signal builds hyper-local information into global and regional insights.

Users can see how environmental conditions are likely to impact crop production. It’s not just rain, but temperature and humidity in the air and soil type below the surface that drive the available moisture levels that plants need to grow. Knowing when moisture is most critical during a specific crops’ growing cycle takes the Agricultural Insight further, indicating crop stress which in turn impacts crop yield.

The Signal puts users at the controls of a global command center, interpreting crop signals from nature’s environmental noise. The Signal is an invaluable toolkit that is ready today to help you make decisions where knowing the future of crops gives you and edge.

Weather Info API
aWhere processes more than 7 billion data points each day to create a complete ag-weather data offering that is both hyperlocal and highly accurate. To create aWhere’s innovative weather surfaces our proprietary 3D interpolation and blending algorithms incorporate satellite observations, ground radar, and both public and private weather stations. Our Weather Info API provides easy to integrate observed and forecast weather - temperature, precipitation, chance of rain, conditions, wind speed, humidity, and solar radiation, along with comparisons to historic values for anywhere on the agricultural earth.

Agronomic Info API
aWhere’s Agronomic Insight is built on a foundational data engine designed from the ground up specifically for agriculture. Processing 7 billion points each day, we create an ag-weather data offering that is both hyperlocal and highly accurate. But weather is just the beginning. aWhere builds agricultural intelligence and insight models on this foundation of base weather in addition to soils and crop production statistics. Our Agronomic Info API returns agronomic values such as GDDs, PET, P/PET, along with comparisons to historical and more to transform base data into usable insight. Field-specific, scientifically-vetted agronomic models drive decision making by automatically identifying plant growth stages, maturity tracking and harvest readiness, pest and disease likelihood, and crop stress.

Insight Services
Our Insight Services team translates the jargon of agronomy into usable insights for financial services industry professionals. Our experienced analysts will devise actionable strategies to best support your agricultural information management needs.


  • Agronomic Interpretation
  • Climate Trend Analysis
  • Production Impact Modeling

We strive to transfer our deep agricultural domain knowledge to our customers so they can make large financial decisions with confidence.

Commodity Production Insight Benefits

  • Crop production impact insight not yet priced into the market
  • Opportunity to provide feedback in order to evolve the platform
  • Discounted rate on the commercial platform once it is formally released

" The kind of weather information aWhere has built-in is second to none. I haven't seen any other system with this kind of flexibility in data sharing. "

- Abhishek Rathore, Senior Scientist, ICRISAT

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aWhere has been innovating in the agriculture information space for more than 15 years. The development of the Commodity Production Insight Solution represents the real power of big data applied to agriculture.  By combining our complete global agriculture and weather information with our unique agronomic expertise, we have been able to build models that produce real production insight.

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