Evaluate market exposure to commodities and understand your actual risk with our production side information and analysis

aWhere delivers commodity specific information to assist in the management of commodity related risks and speculative opportunities. We provide a complete production side signal that can predict commodity price trends, crop stress, and crop yields, on a regional and global scale.  We apply predictive analytics and machine learning to multi-layered datasets to produce real agricultural insight.


Commodity Production Insight Solution

This is our most advanced solution and is currently only available through an Early Adopter Program. The insights we deliver are built on crop-specific models and consider every growing region on the agricultural earth. The biological signals that we derive represent real-time crop production prediction. Take advantage of these cutting-edge tools to assess the (positive or negative) impact on crop production as the season develops.

  • Crop Production Dashboard
  • Agricultural Intelligence Platform
  • Crop Stress Indices
  • API+

As an Early Adopter to the Commodity Production Insight Solution, you'll receive access to our web-portal & suite of Apps, daily email reports & alerts, and premium support.  The standard subscription is for 12-months and supports a fixed number of unique users.

Commodity Production Insight Benefits

  • Crop production impact insight not yet priced into the market
  • Opportunity to provide feedback in order to evolve the platform
  • Discounted rate on the commercial platform once it is formally released

" The kind of weather information aWhere has built-in is second to none. I haven't seen any other system with this kind of flexibility in data sharing. "

- Abhishek Rathore, Senior Scientist, ICRISAT

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aWhere has been innovating in the agriculture information space for more than 15 years. The development of the Commodity Production Insight solution represents the real power of big data.  By combining our complete global agriculture and weather information with our unique agronomic expertise, we have been able to build models that produce real commodity insight.

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