Together, we can transform farming and build a sustainable future

How does your company or organization measure impact?

What can you do to determine that the grants it awards or the contracts it receives will prove to be impactful investments?


Inadequate, inaccurate data has made monitoring and evaluation difficult, if not impossible.

Dev aWhere solves the problems that have crippled impact assessment, performance measurement, collaboration

and retaining or sharing institutional knowledge. Dev aWhere is a technology and expert solution tailored specifically

for international agricultural development planning and implementation.

Dev aWhere Global Development Platform

  • Data management and analytics capture project metadata to monitor impact and progress toward objectives
  • Hosted platform creates a repository of information fostering collaboration amongst stakeholders and a permanent institutional memory
  • Open integration provides secure integration with other systems, data resources and disparate data formats
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) model controls operational costs and ensures long-term sustainability


" The kind of weather information aWhere has built-in is, I think, second to none. It’s impressive. I’ve not seen any other system with that kind of flexibility in data sharing. "

- Abhishek Rathore, Senior Scientist, ICRISAT

Dev aWhere agricultural development planning
Dev aWhere agricultural development
Dev aWhere solutions for sustainable agriculture and food systems

Who can benefit from Dev aWhere?

There is a need for transparent monitoring and evaluation as foundation donors are quite large, and team efforts are quite significant. Dev aWhere enables the data analysis and reporting essential for making evidence-based decisions, from the program level to national policy.

Dev aWhere provides the organizations dedicated to transforming ag-driven economies – and quality of life – the tools they need to succeed in every strategic initiative and project.

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aWhere was founded with the mission to close the information gap in agriculture and global development through innovative, timely, and locally relevant solutions for sustainable agriculture and food systems. Dev aWhere goes beyond a mission and provides actual data and services to help agricultural progress around the world.

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