Better information increases yields, drives farm efficiency, and improves the lives of small-holder farmers globally

Implementing new technology for small-holder farmers in developing countries can be challenging.  Our solutions easily integrate with existing technology or can be accessed directly.

Farmer Productivity Insight Solution

Designed specifically to meet the complex needs of NGOs and Governments, the Farmer Productivity Insight Solution gives your organization access to a variety of tools that are central to the success of small-holder farmers.  Our information and insight can improve the effectiveness of your ICT4Ag or Climate Smart solutions and increase farmer productivity and climate resilience for your farmers. Clients utilize our tools in a variety of ways, ranging from low-bandwidth SMS solutions to high-resolution maps and charts.  

  • Farm Insight (App)
  • Daily Crop (App)
  • Weekly Crop (App)
  • API Access
  • Premium Support

As a subscriber to the Farmer Productivity Insight Solution, you'll receive access to our web-portal for a select number of unique users, as well as volume access to the aWhere API to integrate with your existing software and services. The standard subscription is 12-months and supports a fixed number of API calls.

Farmer Productivity Insight Benefits

  • See the information with our powerful visualization tools
  • Easy integration with your existing software and services
  • Historic & forecast weather information tuned for agriculture
  • Up-to-date alerts on pest and disease risks
  • Crop-specific and field-specific agronomic information
  • Crop calendars and planting recommendations

Small-holder farmers can finally access the same information as commercial growers, making informed decisions about specific crops and fields during each growing season. With your expertise and network of driven small-holder farmers, they can access the tools and information necessary to increase farm efficeincies and crop yields.

" Access to historical data will provide growers with information on area-specific conditions; this knowledge can inform future decision making, reduce risk, and increase yields. "

- Michael Koenig, ScoutPro

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aWhere is ready to help you make a measurable difference for your clients. Our weather and agronomic information platform can be easily integrated with your software, or you can access our suite of tools through our web-portal.

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