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Big data and machine learning are impacting agriculture and most other industries. aWhere's solution for colleges and universities introduces students to our platform through easy to navigate maps and charts, while also giving them the development tools to create their own solutions.

Academic Agriculture Insight Solution

Designed to meet the needs of students and facilty in higher education.  We provide subscribers with a variety of tools that can be used for basic research and analysis or complex algorythm work and application development.

  • Farm Insight (App)
  • Daily Crop (App)
  • Weekly Crop (App)
  • API Access
  • Basic Support
  • Hackathons & Datajams (add-on)

As a subscriber to the Academic Agriculture Insight Solution, you'll receive access to our web-portal for a select number of unique users, as well as volume access to the aWhere API to integrate with your new or existing software. Connect with us Today to learn more!

Hackathon & Datajam Add-on Information
Hackathons are a great way to introduce tech innovators, local agri-businesses, programmers, and researchers to the depth, value and possibilities of agriculture information and insight. Small teams collaborate to address local problems using innovative technology solutions in focused multi-day sessions. Add value to higher education and technical centers around the world by exposing students to real world data and development tools.  Please visit aWhere's dedicated Hackathon website www.hack4farming.com for more information.


Hackathons combine agriculture experts with local technical talent to drive innovative agriculture information solutions.  Events are intensive and collaborative, allowing participants to share experiences and skills to brainstorm new ideas, new business models, and new technology solutions.  Each event is unique in the group of agribusiness experts, scientists, entrepreneurs, and developers it pulls together and the challenge it seeks to address. 

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aWhere was founded with the mission to close the information gap in agriculture. Hackathons are an incredible learning environment where students can engage with real world data and tools to help solve agricultural challenges.

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