Leverage global field-level insight to increase smallholder farmer yields through local agronomic information

Increasing smallholder farmer resilience, productivity and incomes supports overall food security. If mobile services are made available to smallholder farmers, the user base could double from 47 million users in 2015 to 91 million in 2020. This can help raise millions of people out of poverty, specifically addressing the projected food gaps in Africa and Asia for 2050. aWhere's Farmer Productivity Solution can scale to your smallholder service by providing the right information to the right farmers at the right time. Farmers who use the service are more likely to grow a new crop and change their agronomic practices, resulting in significant yield increases.


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Farmer Productivity Insight Solution

Give your organization or business access to a variety of field-level tools that are central to the success of smallholder farmers. As a subscriber, you'll receive access to these powerful solution components:

  • Farm Insight
  • Weather Info API
  • Agronomic Info API
  • Insight Services

Farm Insight
aWhere’s premier field-level agronomics tool is Farm Insight. Available online to subscribers through our Agricultural Intelligence platform, Farm Insight delivers hyper-local information to farmers anywhere in the world.

Smallholder farmers in rural areas are vulnerable to changes in weather that can adversely affect their crops. Farm Insight delivers a short-term forecast for precipitation and temperature anywhere in the world, no matter how remote.

Bringing modern agricultural techniques and recommendations to farmers in underdeveloped areas helps farmers increase climate resilience. When farmers are equipped with the right information to prepare for events, they can increase productivity and prevent food shortages.

Weather Info API
aWhere processes more than 7 billion data points each day to create a complete ag-weather data offering that is both hyperlocal and highly accurate. To create aWhere’s innovative weather surfaces our proprietary 3D interpolation and blending algorithms incorporate satellite observations, ground radar, and both public and private weather stations. Our Weather Info API provides easy to integrate observed and forecast weather - temperature, precipitation, chance of rain, conditions, wind speed, humidity, and solar radiation, along with comparisons to historic values for anywhere on the agricultural earth.

Agronomic Info API
aWhere’s Agronomic Insight is built on a foundational data engine designed from the ground up specifically for agriculture. Processing 7 billion points each day, we create an ag-weather data offering that is both hyperlocal and highly accurate. But weather is just the beginning. aWhere builds agricultural intelligence and insight models on this foundation of base weather in addition to soils and crop production statistics. Our Agronomic Info API returns agronomic values such as GDDs, PET, P/PET, along with comparisons to historical and more to transform base data into usable insight. Field-specific, scientifically-vetted agronomic models drive decision making by automatically identifying plant growth stages, maturity tracking and harvest readiness, pest and disease likelihood, and crop stress.

Insight Services
Our Insight Services team ensures a successful platform deployment, so you quickly can see value from our solutions. Our experienced analysts will devise cost-effective strategies to best support your agricultural information management needs.


  • Crop Suitability Analysis
  • Climate Trend Analysis
  • Tailored Agronomic Tips and Advisories
  • Pest and Disease Modeling

We partner for success. We will work with you to review your objectives and requirements to develop an appropriate plan from prioritization to deployment. We strive to transfer our best practices to you, so you become the experts, learning from our experience and knowledge base to achieve your goals. Shared success is our main goal.

Farmer Productivity Insight Benefits

  • See the information with our powerful visualization tools
  • Easy integration with your existing software and services
  • Historic & forecast weather information tuned for agriculture
  • Up-to-date alerts on pest & disease risks
  • Crop-specific and field-specific agronomic information
  • Crop calendars and planting recommendations

Smallholder farmers can finally access the same information as commercial growers, making informed decisions about specific crops and fields during each growing season. With your expertise and network of driven smallholder farmers, they can access the tools and information necessary to increase farm efficiencies and crop yields.

" Access to historical data will provide growers with information on area-specific conditions; this knowledge can inform future decision making, reduce risk, and increase yields. "

- Michael Koenig, ScoutPro

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