Let us help your team leverage the power of aWhere's agriculture information and insight!


For aWhere product users, our Insight Services team ensures a successful platform deployment, so you can quickly see value from our solutions. While our services are not required to deploy any of our products, our team can help expedite its value to your organization.

Insight Services are made up of experienced analysts that will devise cost-effective strategies to best support your agricultural information management needs. We will work with you to review your objectives and requirements to develop an appropriate plan from prioritization to deployment. We strive to transfer our best practices to you, so you become the experts, learning from our experience and knowledge base to acheive your goals.

Our Insight Services:

  • Agronomic Model and Algorithm Consulting
  • Data Cleaning, Loading, & Sourcing
  • Metadata and Indicator Management
  • Project and Change Management
  • Training and Capacity Building

Insight Services Objectives

  • Learn how your organization consumes information
  • Develop best practices to work with any skillset or dataset
  • Ensure progress visibility throughout every phase of the project
  • Evaluate your outputs to derive the most value from your projects

" We are handling data values from one scientist to another, the aWhere team helps us to improve data handling and cleaning."

- Cargele Masso, Project Leader, IITA-COMPRO II