Understand the real impacts of weather on local and regional food supply 

Developing nations are dependent on small-holder farmers and governments to ensure adequate food supply for their people. aWhere provides a real-time early warning system to quickly identify pending food security issues.  Make better planning decisions for vulnerable populations before crisis takes hold.

Food Security Insight Solution

Designed specifically to meet the complex needs of NGOs and Governments, the Food Security  Insight Solution helps local and national governments better understand food supply risk.  The information and insight derived from these tools provide a way to hedge and plan for each growing season, mitigating downside risk and optimizing production.

  • Farm Insight (App)
  • Daily Crop (App)
  • Weekly Crop (App)
  • E-Reports & E-Alerts
  • API Basic Access
  • Premium Support

As a subscriber to the Food Security Insight Solution, you'll receive access to our web-portal for a select number of unique users, as well as volume access to the aWhere API to integrate with your existing software and services. The standard subscription is 12-months and supports a fixed number of API calls.