Understanding how better information can increase yields, drive farm effeciency, and improve the lives of small holder farmers

aWhere provides real-time, localized weather information and field-level agronomic intelligence across the agriculture value chain.  Research centers, ag-businesses, and small holder farmers use this daily weather information and agronomic insights to help their drive farm-level decisions.  In developing countries, farmers often rely on traditional farming practices base on observed weather patterns that have been passed down generationally, but increasing global weather variability has rendered many of these practices ineffective for our new climate reality.


Farmer Productivity Insight
Access to information and insight at the farm level.  This hyper-local view empowers farmer to be prescriptive for their fields and crops.  In addition to base weather information, we provide short-term forecasts, crop specific tips and recommendations, pest and disease models, irrigation recommendations, and more. 

Food Security Insight
In many regions of the world food security and risk is a very real challenge.  We provide the tools to monitor food security risk for any region on the planet.  We use high resolution visualization maps and charts to highlight emerging weather related risks for farmers and the populations they serve.

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Weather aWhere provides real-time localized agricultural weather through third party developers to small holder farmers.

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