Over 1.9 million virtual weather stations across the globe*

We are more than just a weather data company!

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*These stations are generated everyday by combining different data sources on a 9km grid that translates to 1.9 million virtual weather stations.

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From our partners

Weather information helps farmers plan their farming activities better. Farmers have reported spending less on inputs (less wastage) and higher yields when they are able to plan their farming activities better by receiving weather information. Given the pressing issue of climate change and its adverse effect on agriculture, Esoko’s partnership with aWhere is evermore needed to guide smallholders through these vulnerable times.
We had spent a great deal of time choosing a weather provider. The accuracy of this data is crucial for the crop state analysis that EOS Crop Monitoring provides for agrarians to cut costs and boost yields. While we also are looking for a reliable partner that fits corporate values and the business model of our company. From this perspective, aWhere turned out to be the very thing for the purpose. Thanks to the efforts of the aWhere team our clients are happy with precise and timely weather data, and we are on the safe side with expert technical support and effective communication with the company’s management.

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