Key Features

Analytic Content

aWhere’s analytic data is driven by the developer API and aWhere's proprietary data backend. Our team can design and deliver content and value driving data specifically tailored to you.

aWhere adaptER platform

aWhere’s premier predictive analytics tools are in the aWhere adaptER platform which deliver visual hyper-local information into global and regional insights.


Get started quickly with aWhere's Tutorials. Schedule online tutorials or request a private training based on your specific needs. We leverage the power of our API, our experienced scientists, and our R-packages to deliver the best analytical content.

So how does it work?

Explore our Weather Data

Sometimes you need direct access to the data for your own analysis.  Our API puts you in control. Sign up for the adaptER Platform and activate your API access under My Account.

We'll Contact You

Once we review your information, we will setup a time to connect with you.

Try the adaptER platform

Access weather maps, visuals and access geospatial data. Our adaptER platform has all of that!