aWhere Partners with the Government of Kenya to Empower Farmers With Weather Services

aWhere Partners with the Government of Kenya to Empower Farmers With Weather Services

January 25, 2021, Denver, Colorado, USA… aWhere, Inc, a leading provider of agricultural
weather data and analytics, today announced a new agreement with the government of Kenya.
Under the terms of the agreement, the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization
(KALRO) will gain use of aWhere’s 6,787 virtual weather stations in Kenya for the next two
years to provide advanced weather data and analytics that support climate-smart agricultural
decisions as Kenya adapts to climate change.

KALRO launched a pioneering weather services platform in 2020, the Kenya Agriculture
Observatory Platform (KAOP) to provide real-time access to local
weather forecasts, observed rainfall and temperatures to inform farm operations. The platform
also offers the ratio of precipitation to potential evapotranspiration (P/PET) that indicates if a
crop is under water stress. These are critically important inputs for farmers dependent on
rainfed agriculture.

“KALRO is continuously pushing the frontiers of agriculture science and innovation to empower
Kenyan farmers. We are pleased to build on the past success of the Kenya Agriculture
Observatory Platform to ensure farmers across the country have access to the latest weather
forecast and know the amount of rainfall their farms have received to maximize their production
and profitability against the backdrop of increased weather variability Kenyan farmers have
experienced this past decade,” said Boniface O. Akuku, Director ICT, Kenya Agricultural &
Livestock Research Organization (KALRO).

“aWhere is excited to expand its partnership with Kenya. Weather drives agriculture and we are
excited by how KALRO is applying modern weather science to support farmers. As the
atmosphere warms, weather variability in Kenya has increased dramatically, as it has for most
countries. Having accurate weather data and analytical tools to generate actionable insights for
the food sector positions Kenya as a leader in climate adaptation,” said John Corbett, CEO,

Weather Intelligence for a changing climate offering solutions to help organizations adapt to
climate change. aWhere is a Certified Benefit Corporation that leverages global observed
weather data to help farmers increase their productivity, incomes and ability to manage risks
due to weather variability. aWhere’s 1.7 million weather stations globally ensure all communities have access to local weather data to inform decisions that help #AdaptOurWorld to

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