Bundled Solutions

Empowering you with our training, modeling, strategy support & deployment plans to integrate weather insights to improve decision making

aWhere will work with you to review your objectives and requirements to develop an appropriate plan from prioritization to systems integration. With our partners, we can deliver timely and tactical solutions for today’s challenges and support research efforts.

Bundled & Custom Solutions include:

Getting actionable messages to smallholder farmers

aWhere works with mobile network operators, private mobile companies and national ag-research organizations to ensure farmers have the most up-to-date and relevant information for their specific location and crop to support increased yields and resilience to climate change & weather variability.

Secure integration of farmers information with aWhere's Fields, Plantings & Crops API

Secure integration of farmers' information with aWhere's Fields, Plantings & Crops API

Agronomic tips sent to farmers to build economic resilience to climate change

Training Local Analysts to Leverage aWhere’s Data and Tools

Analysts across sub-Saharan Africa are now leveraging open-source software (R, QGIS) to produce meaningful reports with aWhere’s agricultural weather content. Trainings are tailored to the specific needs, skill sets and interests of the participants.

Example training topics:

Bundled Solutions
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With training, modeling, strategy support and deployment with partners, we are integrating weather insights to make better decisions
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