Key Features


aWhere processes billions of data points each day to create a complete ag-weather data offering that is both hyperlocal and highly accurate.


Register a field and allow our modeling APIs to better operate and tune to the conditions and status of each specific field. Leverage our Agronomic API to transform base data into usable insight.

Easy to Use

Get started quickly with aWhere's Developer community and clear documentation. Scale up or down based on your needs and requirements with our monthly packages.

So how does it work?

Create a Free account

Through our development portal, it's easy to create a new account. Explore our weather apps, edit your profile, reset your password or create and retrieve your API keys.

Activate the API in adaptER

This is your space in our API platform to get your API keys. Once you verify your account under My Account you will get the keys to unlock the aWhere Weather API.


Now you are ready to gain some insight!  Don't worry, we have Sample Code and Postman Collections, where all the API calls are ready for you to use out-of-the-box on our Docs site!