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Attendants of the MUIIS Meetings in Uganda February 2019

MUIIS Project in Uganda Transitions to a Business that Helps Farmers

Attendants of the MUIIS Meetings in Uganda February 2019

The MUIIS project is coming to a close but the MUIIS business is just getting started. For the
past 4 years aWhere has been an integral partner in an effort to link farmers to satellite-based services
that help them to increase crop yields and raise household incomes. Funded through the Netherlands
Space Office, the service bundle offered through the MUIIS project has given farmers, many for the first
time, access to a combination of digital services including agronomic information, weather information,
and agricultural insurance. The digital extension services help farmers best manage their crops during
the growing season while the agricultural insurance provides coverage in the event of drought. These
services are not free; farmers across Uganda have seen the value of the MUIIS service bundle and the
number of farmers subscribing is increasing.

aWhere’s Drew Marticorena and Lauren Allognon at the MUIIS transition meetings.

In February of 2019, representatives from aWhere met with project partners in Kampala to plan
for the transition from the MUIIS project to the MUIIS business. aWhere was also present for the end of
project stakeholder meeting that saw farmers, government officials, agribusinesses, and technical
partners to both celebrate the successes to date but more importantly build the connections that will
help launch the MUIIS business. Representatives from the MUIIS project were interviewed on both TV
and radio during the event (see link below). Both the Ugandan Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Vincent
Ssempijja and the Minister of State for Cooperatives, Mr. Hon Frederick Ngobi Gume attended the
event, showing great support of this service by the Ugandan government.
It cannot be understated the impact digital extension services and access to insurance can have
on the wellbeing of smallholder farmers. During the course of the project, some farmers experienced
profound drought yet they were compensated for their losses. Farmers received specific, timely advice
that helped them make decisions on how to make their crops successful even though the weather was
different than they had ever experienced before. The project stakeholders, including farmers, came to
see the value that the MUIIS service bundle offered and became the biggest advocates for its use,
continuation, and expansion.

John Corbett, aWhere CEO, speaking at the MUIIS transition meetings.

As MUIIS transitions from a project to a business, aWhere is excited to be an integral part of
using our agricultural intelligence to help farmers grow more and sell more. Congratulations to every
farmer that has worked with MUIIS during the project and we are excited to welcome all those that will
become customers of MUIIS as a business.

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