Designing Sustainable Digital Solutions in Africa: Guest Blog by Esoko

Designing Sustainable Digital Solutions in Africa: Guest Blog by Esoko

Esoko has been using aWhere weather feeds since 2014. Over the course of our partnership with aWhere we have served over 300,000 farmers across all regions in Ghana.

Esoko disseminates a range of agricultural information to smallholder farmers in Ghana via SMS, call centre and Voice SMS. This information includes market prices, agronomic and nutrition tips and weather updates – the latter, via our partnership with aWhere. Besides helping to provide weather updates directly to farmers. aWhere data also enables Esoko to tailor agronomic tips based on current weather patterns, which makes these tips more relevant and practical to farmers.

Currently, we have about 300,000 farmers accessing weather forecasts. Out of the weather feeds, we have developed a service called Climate Smart Agricultural Tips and this special service combines the weather feeds with crop calendar and local field conditions to advise farmers on how best to take advantage of forecasted rainfall. 

Esoko field agents
Esoko field agent collecting data from farm

Weather information helps farmers plan their farming activities better. In Ghana, where agriculture is mainly rain-fed, weather forecast is very critical information which has strong implications for farmers yields and incomes. Farmers have reported spending less on agric inputs (less wastage) and higher yields when they are able to plan their farming activities better by receiving weather information.

farmer listening to voice sms from Esoko
Female Smallholder Farmer listening to Voice SMS from Esoko


“…. I am now educated on how to plan my activities because of the weather updates I get; I have been educated too so I have planted fruits and vegetables. Through this I am able to sell my produce in the market and my children’s life has been changed for the better….”

Esoko Platform User

Esoko aims to create an ecosystem where a range of businesses/organizations can provide essential goods and services to smallholders across Africa – to help improve their livelihoods. Given the pressing issue of climate change and its adverse effect on agriculture, Esoko’s partnership with aWhere is evermore needed to guide smallholders through these vulnerable times. Data and services from aWhere that enhance farmers ability to plan against adverse climate conditions will help Esoko serve farming communities better.

“If by calling 1900/Esoko and I will know when it will rain and it really rains, then 1900 is a second god that has come to help me in my farming operation.”

-Esoko Platform User

Esoko call centre agents
Ghana precipitation

Monitor global weather patterns for your area of interest including Ghana with our Maps4ER geospatial files (left). Investigate country to farm level trends at a 9km resolution. To learn more about our Maps4ER or how to start sending critical messages to farmers contact us at