Urgent Weather Advisory: Cacao in Ghana

Cacao is a critical cash crop for much of West Africa, particularly Ghana. Cacao trees are sensitive to drought conditions and aWhere’s contiguous, in-time weather data show that the last 3 months (June-August) experienced very low rainfall for much of the Cacao production areas of Ghana.

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Custom Solutions

Workflow Integration: We support businesses and government strategies for weather-proofing agriculture. With our partners we can deliver timely and tactical solutions for today's challenges. aWhere will work with you to review your objectives and requirements to develop an appropriate plan from prioritization to systems integration. We strive to transfer our knowledge to our customers to empower you to realize lasting impact and deliver Economic Resilience in to Climate Change.

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aWhere Maps4ER

News flashes of weather anomalies appear around the world but only aWhere provides localized GIS ready contiguous surfaces of accurate observed weather data so you can determine the impact of these anomalies. Maps4ER will provide your team with daily global weather content that will enable powerful visuals and decisive analytics over time and space on how our weather has changed to guide investments, infrastructure, food-systems, and policy decisions to enable a coordinated response to deliver Economic Resilience to Climate Change (ERCC)

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