Winners of the #EarthDay2021 #weatherchallenge

Winners of the #EarthDay2021 #weatherchallenge

aWhere received many submissions to our recent #weatherchallenge for #EarthDay2021 to help you understand weather shifts due to #climatechange.

The weather challenge asked you to visualize local weather pattern shifts where you live and how this will inform your actions for #EarthDay2021. All participants were challenged to use the Climate Charts app in the adaptER Platform and tell us how this will inform their actions for Earth Day. All particpants offered powerful insights to weather shifts due to climate change and great suggestions on activities to celebrate earth data from planting trees to supporting farmers to various ways to create awareness on caring for our earth. Congratulations to our winner from Uganda!

Winner: Kobusingye Rita Sheila, Uganda

In Rita’s submission she writes: “The climate trend chart for my location (Kampala, Uganda) has actually scared me. In just 3 years, our precipitation rates have more than tripled in quantity!


Increase in precipitation is believed to be caused by the increase in temperature as warmer air can hold more water vapor. It is believed that for each degree of warming, the air’s capacity for vapor increases by 7%. High temperatures are in turn caused by increase in greenhouse gases that are largely produced due to land use. This makes sense because 3 years ago, my location had less human activity and was mostly covered by a swamp that has now been almost entirely reclaimed as the area is becoming more residential hence more human activity.

On this earth day, I am going to focus on the small things that can make a big difference.

1. Plant a tree in my neighborhood

2. Reduce the waste from my house. I will do this by using reusable bags when shopping instead of picking plastic ones while there, only buying what I need and reducing the amount of water and electricity that we use.

I am very thankful for this aWhere challenge because I have been able to look into what’s happening in my environment, see the early warning signs and know that I can contribute to the change.

 Thank you!

Kobusingye Rita Sheila (AG-PLOUTOS COMPANY)

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Let’s use weather data to create more awareness on the urgency of climate action and understand how we can adapt to the rapid changes occurring in our natural environment. aWhere’s adaptER platform is a great starting point to understand local weather changes to inform you actions over the next year.

Thank you everyone who submitted a chart to this challenge. We are impressed by the number of African colleagues who shared stories of how weather variability has impacted farmers in their countries. Weather variability due to climate change is global and so we encourage more submissions from Asia and Latin America next time!


We will be holding another challenge leading up to International Day for Biological Diversity on May 22. Stay tuned for your chance to win cash prizes and aWhere data subscriptions!