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This satellite image provided by NOAA shows Tropical Storm Nicholas in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, Sept. 12, 2021. Tropical storm warnings have been issued for coastal Texas and the northeast coast of Mexico. Nicholas is expected to produce storm total rainfall of 5 to 10 inches, with isolated maximum amounts of 15 inches, across portions of coastal Texas into southwest Louisiana Sunday, Sept. 12 through midweek. (NOAA via AP)

World Weather WatchER Series: Week of September 14th

Our world tour of weather this week will drill into the impact of Tropical Storm Nicholas in Texas, corn harvest conditions in the Midwest of the USA and a food security index for West Africa. We also cover weather deviations from normal around the world including our slowing jet stream impact on Rossby waves impacting Canada and Russia. You will also see how weather data can forecast the production of molds and associated toxins in corn for the Midwest of the USA to ensure food safety.